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Seminario sugli studi gramsciani in Germania: Learning from Gramsci

Learning from Gramsci
Some aspects of Antonio Gramsci’s reception in the German-speaking debate

Natascha Khakpour, University of Vienna/ Pedagogical University Freiburg
Janek Niggemann, University of Vienna/ Alice Salomon University of Applied Science, Berlin

After the end of the big socialist projects in 1989 Gramsci’s Quaderni del Carcere were published completely in German language in 1991. Though there were many waves of reception before, the availability of “the whole Gramsci” (Haug) inspired a range of mostly academic works on his main concepts. We will provide some insights from the German-speaking Gramsci reception with a focus on its educational dimension and pedagogical acquirements.

Gramsci in the german-speaking debate

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